Sunday, April 26, 2009

Year's supply of food--What we actually used

This is from Mary Bergman's book, Survival Family.  
"these are items we actually used for a family of 8...

12 cases canned tomatoes, 4 cases canned corn, 2 cases canned beans
1/2 case canned peas, 20 fresh pumpkins, 600 lbs potatoes, 25 heads cabbage
200 lbs carrots, 100 lbs onions, 5 cases canned peaches, 4 cases fruit cocktail, 2 cases of pears, 1 case of plums, 1 case mandarin oranges, 2 cases corned beef, 2 cases Spam, 1 1/2 cases of canned turkey, 3 cases tuna, 4 cases of whole cooked chickens, 1/4 case mackaral;
20 lbs dried kidney beans, 40 lbs pinto beans, 25 lbs Great Northern beans; (We had several thousand pounds of dried beans on hand. The national estimate for a year's supply is 50 lbs per person per year. that is a lot of beans and I have yet to see the family that can consume that amount of beans and still have any desire to stay alive!)
100 lbs of long and short grain rice, 10 lbs of lentils (mainly for sprouting),
1 1/2 cases dried eggs, 50 lbs dry milk;
120 lbs spaghetti, macaroni and noodles
6 cases of dry soup mix
120 lbs honey, 100 lbs raw sugar, 400 lbs flour, 2 cans baking powder, 2 lbs yeast, 2 cases of shortening, 1/2 case baking soda;
2 cases jelly, 12 bottles lemon juice, 1 case canned cheese, 2 cases evaporated milk, 1 case Karo syrup, 75 lbs raisins, 2 cases tomato sauce, 1 case tomato paste, 5 gallons vinegar, 1 case mayonnaise, 3 jars mustard, 12 gallons pickles, 4 cases instant pudding mix, 22 cases jello, 85 lbs peanut butter, 16 gallons catsup;
100 lbs rolled oats, 50 lbs rolled wheat, 24 lbs cracked wheat, 1 case canned wheat, 20 lbs wheat germ;
2 cases cream of chicken soup, 3 cases cream of mushroom soup, 2 cases of cream of celery soup, 2 cases vegetable soup, 4 jars of boullion cubes;
Spices of garlic salt, onion salt, pepper, chili powder, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, oregano, paprika, 1 case of table salt, popcorn, nuts.
.....There are changes we would have made had we known before hand. We would have included more convenience items such as cake mixes, pie filling and frosting mix, precooked or instant potatoes. We ran out of cheese whiz, walnuts, jelly, pears and fruit cocktail."

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