Monday, March 5, 2012


from "Survival Family" by Mary Bergman
"When I hear people comment that they will exist for one year on wheat, dry milk and honey, I count up one more family that will have insurmountable problems to cope with.  Food is emotional, and variety is essential and we must be prepared to meet it on that level."

Family Favorites:  "during our year of experimental disaster, we consumed huge quantities of tomato products.  They were the base for chili and spaghetti. They were heated and poured over stale bread and dumped into soup...canned tomato products keep with virtually no spoilage for seven years...
We ate catsup by the gallon, along with tomato sauce and paste.
If there is a product your family is particularly fond of, be sure to have ample supply on hand.  For one family it might be cocoa mix, for another pineapple chunks or olives.  These items become priceless because they keep contact with a human need for the familiar or the special addition."