Monday, December 1, 2014


"We had several thousand pounds of dried beans.  The national estimate for a one year supply is 50 lbs per person per year.  My friends, that is a pound of beans a week for everyone in the family!  I have yet to see the family that can consume that amount of beans and still have any desire to stay alive!....we only used 85 lbs total for the entire year for the family of eight."  Mary Bergman

There is much information around on using beans in storage.

Dry beans take alot of cooking and soaking.  A pressure cooker would help here.  The point is...a few beans are nice, but the emphasis is  "few".  If you are like us, you probably have way more beans that would be actually utilized in a survival situation. They can also be sprouted.  They can even be used in a bartering situation for people that don't have anything else to eat.

Beans are made much more appetizing and edible by adding spices and meat.  (Think freeze dried ham, even canned ham or spam.)

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