Olive Oil

Not only as a food, but as a an oil for cooking. It is rich in nutrients. Can be used in massage for children/babies who cannot keep food down for nourishment and keep them from becoming dehydrated. Can be used for skin care, especially useful to add essential oils to for massage. It keeps for a year without refrigeration once opened. Sealed bottles keep longer, up to three years or more. Recommend at least half of your stash be Virgin or Extra Virgin.  Store olive oil in a dark location. Too much light might cause it to turn rancid.  Seal  olive oil after every use. Exposure to air could cause the olive oil to lose some of its components and/or turn bitter.

Recommended amount: Approximately 1-2 years supply (2- 5 gallons), extra if you have room for possible bartering. Smaller bottles are preferable, as it keeps longer un-opened. Also can store regular vegetable oil for cooking as it is less expensive. Recommend a case of 24 of corn, soy or safflower oils. Remember to date your purchases and rotate.