Thursday, March 19, 2015

Colloidal Silver...Antibiotic Alternative

BYU study shows colloidal silver is as good as penicillin.

Silver in various forms has been used for centuries as an antimicrobial agent.  In the 1800s and early 1900s people put silver coins in their water barrels to kill microbes and make the water potable.
Use of silver, once common, faded with the advent of antibiotics.  Recently, concerns about overuse of antibiotics has lead to a resurgence of silver's popularity.
It may be a good addition to your survival supplies.
According to the study mentioned above, the solution "exhibits an equal or broader spectrum of activity than any one antibiotic tested."  It has been shown to kill more than 600 types of harmful bacteria.  Can be combined with other antibiotics and is safe for babies and children.
It has a fairly long shelf life.  Not indefinite, but definitely in the many years category.  Should be stored in brown bottles, at room temperature in a dark location.

Personally, I have been using colloidal silver for years, but not all the time. I make my own with a colloidal silver maker.  It uses distilled water and silver, which I intend to have a good supply of.
It is stellar for external infections such as cuts, abrasions or wounds, can be sprayed on easily.  It works amazingly well on any kind of eye infection, especially "pink eye", curing it most times within one day.  Also useful for ear infections, sore throats and sinus infections.  Can be put in a diffuser to be dispersed into lungs and bronchials.  Can be taken internally for "stomach flu".  Spray into the nose at the first sign of a cold.

1.  For prevention of illnesses and infection:  Take one teaspoon per day on an empty stomach. (late night suggested).  Swish it around the mount for a minute or two before swallowing to reduce bacteria in the mouth.
2.  Sterilize food preparation surfaces. Swab cutting boards and allow to dry without wiping off.  Use a tablespoon or so on your dish cloth.
3.  Can be used as a personal deodorant.
4.  Add to cut flowers, a tablespoon or so in the vase to extend the freshness of water and flowers.
5.  To purify water, add an ounce to quart of questionable water, wait 20 minutes.
6.  For safer fruit, use the water from hint #5 and soak the fruit for 20 minutes.
7.  For foreign travel, take a tablespoon with a meal to reduce your chance of getting sick from unfamiliar bacteria.

Ten Ways to Use Colloidal Silver

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